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.MsgBody-text, .MsgBody-text * { font: 10pt monospace; }I am writing because I wanted to tell you I am so pleased with your
products! I can not believe how good my skin looks after only a week of
using the cream and serum. Thank you for taking years off of my face when I
honestly didn't think there was a topical product which TRULY worked. I am
so glad I tried your line and will continue to be a customer for years to
come! Thanks again.

Corrine H  5/28/10


"I absolutely love these products! I have used strivectin in the past and it can't hold a candle to Aleta's products! With true radiance, I got almost instant results! I'm in the sun alot and have 2 small children, not only did these products make my skin feel better, I get compliments every day now on the smoothness of my face. Aleta, you're the best! Your prices are so much more resonable than products like strivectin, and they really work! Thank you, thank you!"

Michele From Deltona Florida



Thanks Aleta So much!!! Your serum is the best thing I have ever used! I'm 43 and now in my 40's I'm trying so hard to eat right, exercise and find the right skin care products. Your serum has the latest breakthroughs in anti-aging - Idebenone, Argiriline and DMAE all at once!!!! And they are affordable. As soon as the serum dries on my face I can feel the skin instantly tighten like nothing else I have used before!!! I almost don't want to tell people how good it is, there might not be any left for me!!!! Well I hope you have a great Easter too, I sure will be buying more of your products."

Thanks again,  Cindy

I started using True Radiance Creme one week ago and the first time I put it on, my skin looked fantastic. I had a glow that I haven't had in years and my skin actually looked plumped up. My husband noticed how nice my skin looked as soon as he got home. The clarity of my skin has improved in such a short time.....It really is "True Radiance.

Jerilyn age 40+ 1/31/09

I am one who has tried varies products with little success.I am 53 and have fairly good skin but did the sun bathing like most in the 70”s&80”s and now trying to repair the damage. I am so pleased that I found True radiance Anti Aging and Anti Wrinkle Products they have helped so much in the just the few months I have been using them.I see a big difference with less wrinkles and age spots/freckles. You just have to use a small amount of the product.I love the golden serum to wear during the day and the Youth Cream at night.I just started using the Facial Toner The prices are very reasonable and extremely easy to work with.Shipping is fast.


Hi Aleta, I'd like the cream please and a sample of the serum and the gaba gel-like stuff in the little pot :) Very many thanks. I'm 54 and everyone thinks my sister and two friends are my mother (until I set them straight of course). I use your cream and sunscreen.

Take care,


When Prevage was introduced, I wanted to try the active ingredient at a reasonable price. This led me to purchase my first bottle of idebenone serum from True Radiance. The serum is light, pleasant, easily absorbed, and nongreasy. It is also very effective. Within a month, I noticed a difference in my skin. The fine lines around my eyes began to diminish. My skin became clearer and more even. I regularly receive complements about my skin from others, even strangers. Thank you for offering this high quality product at a fair price. I will be a customer for life.

Ellen (Indianapolis, IN)

I have to tell you about the hyaluronic acid product that you sent me, as a sample. THE GREATEST STUFF!!! A month a go I had a horrible allergic reaction to all the beautiful spring stuff here in michigan…. Flowers, grass, everything green and beautiful. My eye swelled up and turned red and dried up like a prune. They were horrible. I went to doctors everywhere. No one could help. All they did was give me a nasal spray prednisone (sp?) and Claritin, and z-pak (thinking I might have a sinus infection)…. Nothing helped, it actually just looked worse every day. FINALLY… I was down to the wire, and getting close to my mini vegas vacation in less than a week. I decided to go to Macy's. I asked one of the beauty product ladies if they had a cooling gel that might take down the itching and swelling…. She just said NO… not to use anything in the store on my eyes. As I was walking out of the department store, a super sweet German Lady (she told me she was from Germany and had a very thick accent)… told me to go buy some Chamomile tea bags… steep them normally, and then put them in the freezer to cool. Massage the frozen bags till it was soft and still moist, and then lay the tea bags on each eye… until the tea bags weren't cool anymore… and do it several times a day. DO YOU KNOW… it Worked! The swelling went down and my redness and itching went away. Now I had these dried up, pathetic eye lids to contend with. I found my Sample of hyaluronic acid cream… and dabbed that on each eye. WOO HOOO…. My eyes felt good. I did it several times a day. Bottom line is this.. My eyes were NORMAL looking in a couple days… and I had a great time in vegas. I swear by the moisturizing capabilities of the hyaluronic cream! Thank you Aleta, for saving my eye lids!!

Angela Dansville, Michigan

I could go on and on about these products. I've told and SHOWN everyone I know how these products are different and effective. My friends are all watching to see the continued results! Turning 55 this year was no big deal to me until I noticed that my face started sagging and feeling like liquid or gel under the skin, and it seemed to happened over night. When I smiled, the wrinkles attacked my face leaving creases down the sides of my face like furrows! I started buying new creams, vitamins, facial toners, you name it and I tried it. Finally, I saw your True Radiance ad, and I knew that it was my "last hope" other than a face lift, which I couldn't afford! I ordered True Radiance and within two weeks of using it I'm REALLY able to tell a big difference. My skin is firm again and it is radiant! I can't wait to see how I'm going to look after two months of using the products! People may think it won't work for them, but the cost is so reasonable, that it is worth trying it! I spent 20 years working in the hot Texas sun, summer after summer. I used sunscreen, but there is still lots of damage there! Believe me, if True Radiance can repair and make my skin look better in just a couple of weeks (and for a fraction of what I paid for other products) it will work for almost anyone! I look forward to having, continued, good results with True Radiance and I will tell everyone along the way!

Janice Curran

This is my 3rd order of the True Radiance eye cream. Ever since my favorite eye cream was discontinued, I'd been searching far and wide and spending lots of money on eye creams that just didn't perform. The True Radiance really keeps my puffiness at bay, better than much more expensive eye creams I've tried-and it's reasonably priced! It also works wonderful on sagging upper eyelids. It's not a heavy cream, goes on smooth and absorbs in leaving a nice, refreshed look. Hope you never stop making this stuff, it truly does work. Hope to be trying more products in the future, True Radiance is a keeper!

Pam M. NY

Hi Aleta, Thanks again. I really like your products. They've done wonders for my skin. I've just turned 50 years old, and have always had pretty good skin, but it was beginning to look a little "tired" (to put it mildly)!!!! After using your products for a couple of months, I've seen a miraculous improvement - less wrinkles, tighter skin and it looks much brighter and younger. I've tried loads of other products (some of them much more expensive than yours), and yours really beats them all. Even my husband notices how young I seem to be looking these days !!!!!!! Keep up the good work, Aleta. The quality and the price of your product and your service is excellent, and I very much appreciate you.

Best regards


Just wanted to let you know that how much I love your products! I have tried A LOT of skin care products, from expensive department store products to others with similar ingredients as yours but not as potent or effective. I've been using the Argireline/Idebenone/DMAE youth serum and can already tell my skin feels smoother and firmer. I look forward to trying other products in your line. True Radiance products are truly high quality at a great price, the customer service is superb, fast delivery and generous samples too! In a world of skin care products, True Radiance products really shine!

Thanks again,


Dear Aleta, I have been using your products for 9 months now, and what a difference in my skin! The vitamin A and C serum truly did reduce the appearance of the melasma that I had even better than the "smelly stuff" my doctor had prescribed. I am hooked on the Youth cream, eye cream and GABA cream. I had old acne scars and very enlarged pores, both of which are significantly reduced with your products. And the toner! After using the toner, which dissolves old dead skin on the surface, the products seem to be absorbed into the skin at light speed! I previously worked for a small medical spa and your products are so much more effective than the pricey brands we sold there! And one can't get better customer service than your company provides. The best ever! I am so grateful I found True Radiance!

Cindy Wallingford, CT

Oh Aleta,
Where has this GABA product been?? I've used it two times and I'm
already seeing a huge difference. I use it with the Silver and the change is
remarkable. When I add my daily skin cream with it, I'm tight and the
lines are minimized. I thought I was going to be in line for Botox and some
line fills soon. Maybe not!!

Please put the word out about the GABA miracle! That stuff is potent and

Your ever faithful friend and fan!!



I bought your radience serum a little over a week ago and saw results in days. The overall appearance of my skin is healthier looking, smoother, softer and I will be ordering more of your products soon.

Thank you,

L. Price

Hi Aleta, Yes, I liked this stuff so much, I had to buy a bottle for my mother. Now if she's really lucky, I'll actually give it to her! I actually saw a change after three applications, and I am like the world's BIGGEST skeptic!

Thanks a bunch!


I've used True Radiance Products for just over a month now and I can already see a tremendous improvement in my skins texture and firmness. Even fine lines are starting to diminish. I find the products to be very reasonably priced, and of excellent quality. Aleta has always been very helpful with suggestions and worked with me, instead of just trying to get me to purchase more products. I love the fact that True Radiance gives away free samples with purchases, as I have very sensitive skin, and it gives me the opportunity to try it first. True Radiance can definitely count on me to be a regular customer, I'm extremely happy with the service and the results.

AR - New England

Hello Alita, First,I'm a 47 year-old woman with Chronic Daily Hemicrania Continnuum. That means that I get neurological headaches (worse than migraines) every day of my life. I'm sure that you know what happens to a woman's skin when she is in chronic pain.....I started to use the expensive anti-age skincare on the market. Then, lo & behold, I discoverred Do It Yourself--and I formulated my own.I have no idea if my own formulas were effective or not. Anyway, I have been suffering with this mess for 6 years and NOW! Somebody FINALLY told me about YOU!!! 4% Idebinone!!!!! Yaaaaaahooooo!!!!!! A formulator who actually puts ACTIVE INGREDIENTS in her skin care products!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!Your products have turned my skin around. If I could show you before an d after pix, it would BLOW YOUR MIND. You and your products have changed my life! And I thought that you should know that.


Hi Aleta, The parcel arrived this morning. Thank you for your prompt service and the samples. [Can't wait to try them]. My daughter gave me some of her Gaba Freeze to try and I just love this product. It has it's work cut out on my 60 year old face! but my skin is starting to look and feel great. I will be a repeat customer.

Thank you again


I tend to be a bit skeptical about skin-serum promises-- but i can honestly say that the Idebenone serum in just the last 10 days of usage has made my fine undereye lines less noticeable, and overall, my skin is much more hydrated and smooth. i've been using it twice a day-- and i'm really delighted with the results. I've used prevage before, as well, and this feels as good as that MUCH more expensive product with the same ingredients.


Dear Aleta: I received my products this week and have started using the eye cream and serum. They are fabulous! I especially love the serum; I can already see an improvement in tone and texture. Thank you so much for offering these wonderful products at a reasonable price. Best of luck to you for continued, growing success. You deserve it for providing a superior product and service.


Mary Ann

Aleta, You run a very client oriented busines. Seems to be rare these days. Thank you so very much for my new products. I never expected to open the mail box and find them on Saturday. Thanks for the samples. I'm looking forward to looking like I am 35 again! Just kidding, but got to dream right??? I am a Sr. Tax Preparer with H & R Block for 14 yrs. and one of the biggest reasons I'm still with them, besides enjoying helping people; is because it is stressed over and over that client satisfaction and excellence of product at a reasonable price is our motto. Did you write the book!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the speedy delivery.


HI Aleta, Thank you so much. I would just like to let you know that you provide the most awesome customer service and your eye cream is the best I have ever used. And believe, me, I have tried many. But nothing has made a difference in my eyes like the True Radiance eye cream.

Thanks again.


Hi Aleta, I sooooo love your product (youth serum) and am telling all my 40 plus friends and also have just ordered your polar serum off your website. Can't wait to try that too! I've tried so much stuff over the years and nothing can even compare to your products. After only 4 days, my skin now glows like a baby's bottom!!! :0)

Huge Thanks,


First of all , can I just say "I love this stuff !" I started using the TR eye cream and Silver cream a few weeks ago. . I know it might sound crazy to some people but after just a couple of days I could tell a difference.
I have Rosacea and very sensitive skin so I was hesitant at first to use 
anything new on my face for fear it would make me break out or make my Rosacea worse. If anything it has helped my Rosacea skin look better ! I use both of the creams in the morning before I put on my makeup and wait about 5 minutes. Then I put my makeup on and it just glides on so easy and looks so smooth. My skin is truly glowing. I have never written a testimonial about anything before but this stuff is so good I want other people to know. The owner, Aleta is wondeful about
answering any questions you might have and emails you right away. The website is very user
friendly and even gives you an option to pay using Paypal, which is what I used. 

Thanks Donna